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About Us

A well named Travel agency “Dream Andaman Holidays” established in the year 2015. In this firm, all the deals and management are done by its owner / Proprietor Mr. S.K. Halim. Dream Andaman holidays is a travel portal which is descriptive as well as filled with all the necessary informative related to Air Ticket booking, Hotel booking, Tour operators and car rental services. We have our own professional tie ups with hotelier, restaurants, resorts and cruise etc. We supervise clients from a single person to a vast group. We deal it and we make it and let make you love it.

Our Mission

Our website is the most descriptive website in Andaman Islands, which provide you a overview of the places where you will visit and doesn't miss anything important in there.

Our Vision

Our agency have tie-up with Hotels, Restaurants, Resorts, Cruise & Ferry Companies, and Water Sports Activity Agencies. We manage clients from a single person to a huge group.

We Goal

As like our tag line "We bet you will love it".

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